The Corey James Memorial Good Time Benefit

About Us

We are proud to be involved in raising money for a someone each year. Don’t miss out on the fun, food, music and activities! The Corey James Memorial Good Time Benefit is in it’s eighth year and strives to make an immediate impact in the lives of local families in need. Each year 98% of proceeds go directly to a family dealing with struggles from the high cost of medical care for a child with cancer or other ailments. We strive to bring our community together for a day to help make a difference while enjoying food, games, prizes and music. As a newly registered 501C-3 Non Profit, we are striving to have our largest event ever this year. We hope to not only donate to those in need, but raise awareness and exemplify the golden rule.


2009    A small gathering in a backyard with about 25 people.  Two bands and an open mic provided great entertainment.  Pizza and soda were simple choices but enjoyed by all.  A laid back affair with folks hanging out, swimming, playing corn hole and listening to music.  A handful of raffle prizes were distributed and a 50/50 raffle had one big winner.  All in all a success in raising $683 and some school supplies for a single unemployed  mom  of two boys.  She anonymously received the money and it allowed her to stay in the home she was about to be evicted from.

2010 The start of the Corey James Memorial Good Time Benefit in a cul-de-sac in Greer.  A larger crowd enjoyed two bands Krooked Blaze and The Pedestrians as well as some carnival fair with a dunk tank and hammer strike.  This new tradition was enjoyed by almost 100 people raised  $3200 that was anonymously donated to a young man suffering from prostate cancer.  The check  arrived the day before their insurance was set to lapse as they could not make the payment and only a week before a scheduled treatment.

2011  The debut of Greer’s own Milli Fungus along with three other bands including Ernest Arnold, The Happy Endings Band and John Nelson and our good buddy Mark Dye of The Work.  Jeff Holland led a drum circle with drummers and beginners sided by side.  Good food and games entertained a crowd of just over 100 and raised about $3800 for a young boy suffering from Neuroblastoma.

 2012   The debut of the Good Time Benefit stage offered several bands including the debuts of Noel Riddle, Mac Hobbs and John Durham.  a great day that started with rain and cleared out bringing sunny skies as the benefit started made for a really special day.  Lots of games and prizes were enjoyed by about 125 people.  Just under $5000 dollars was donated anonymously to a young many suffering from osteosarcoma and one of our sponsors send the family to the beach for a week.  Oddly enough we found out that the family had just recently cancelled a reservation at the beach made prior to their sons diagnosis.  So the family was able to enjoy some family time during a tough spell.

2013     Another great year that included the debut of Quasiphonics(a John Durham project) and Four14.  A great day with perfect weather and awesome music.  Likely 175 people came through and helped to raise $5500 for a young boy suffering from cancer in his legs, jaw and lungs who had been through almost 50 surgeries by age 12.  The money was anonymously sent and helped with travel and surgery that had to be in Maryland.

2014     The Good Time Benefit was in full swing for 2014 with Noel Riddle and open mic, The USC Upstate jazz ensemble, John Durham & Friends, Four14 and Milli Fungus created an eclectic day of music.  A great day that also included wonderful  weather and food catered by The Savoury Corner .  The day generated a crowd of 200  and raised $6000 for a family with a daughter suffering from cancer and whose house had just burned down. 

2015     A beautiful fall day offered lots of family fun with inflatables games and lots of great music.  We were thrilled to add the talents of Kelly Jo & Buffaloe and Darby Wilcox to our stage as well as our new friends The LOZ Band.  With great food catered by The Wild Ace and large prizes raffled off helped to make a great day for our first time sending an anonymous check to a family referred by a perennial donor.  Right at $6000 was sent to this young man suffering from cancer and when we last heard he was cancer free and recovering well.

2016    This years benefit was great fun and all involved enjoyed a special day.   We were lucky to add the likes of Russ Moore and the debut of Pink Lavender as well as some of our annual favorites in Noel Riddle, The LOZ Band and Four14.  Dylan Looper brought incredible magic that entertained all ages.  A wonderful day was had and effective after two rain dates pushed the event back.  $5000 was sent to a local family with a daughter suffering from osteosarcoma whom since the event we have found out is now cancer free.

2017  The GTB moved to downtown Greer and Wild Ace Pizza hosted our event.  We doubled our attendance, and gained three new sponsors:  Hamilton Automation, Bradshaw Automotive and ATI Therapy.  Our music lineup included NOEL RIDDLE, DOUG JONES, KELLY JOE & BUFFALO, ANGELA EASTERLING & THE BEGUILERS, LOZ BAND, OFF DUTY BLUEGRASS BAND and KYLE (414) & FRIENDS.  Dylan Looper wowed us again with his magic.  We raised so much more money this year we were able to support 4 children with life threatening issues.